ATTENTION INVESTORS Updation of Mobile Number and E-mail IDs of the clients : “Prevent unauthorized transaction in your Trading/Demat account. Update your Mobile Numbers/Email Ids with your Stock Brokers/Depository Participant. Receive information/alerts of your transaction (Trading A/c) directly from Exchange at the end of the day &Demat Transaction for all debit and other important in your demat A/c directly from CDSL on the same day on your Registered mobile/email ………………. Issue in the interests of Investors.

International Indices

Indices Price Change
Hang Seng 24056.98 231.10
Nikkei 225 18430.49 -1.71
Nasdaq 5916.78 53.75
FTSE 100 7118.50 4.10
Dow Jones 20578.71 174.22

FII / MF / DII Activities

FII 598.91 20.04.2017
MF 803.62 18.04.2017
DII 8.82 20.04.2017

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